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Welcome to Advanced Enterprise POS Software

AdvEntPOS is a Point of Sale Software (POS) that is designed specifically to fulfill the needs of modern retail industry. The software has been highly appreciated for its user-friendliness, rich functionality, and its overall performance. The software contains various modules that are engineered to accommodate the needs of various types of business requirements viz. Inventory Management, Customer Loyalty Management, PCI Compliance, etc.

Why our product is so different?

There is hardly any product in the market that contains all of the features that AdvEntPOS contains:

Screen Layout Customization

Receipt Customization

Customer Display Customization

Barcode and Label Generator

Extensive Hardware Integration

Most powerful Pricing engine

Most powerful Inventory engine

Tax calculation by class



 RIP management
 RIP Reconciliation with detailed reports
 Automatic price cascading for multi-pack items
 Advanced EDI engine for supplier file processing
 Automatic cost cascading for multi-pack items
 Automatic stock cascading for multi-pack items
 Liquor industry-specific sales promotions


 EBT Foodstamp processing
 Foodstamp tax adjustment in split transactions
 Buy-down amount management
 Buy-down amount reports
 Intergated WIC check processing
 Convenience industry-specific sales promotions


 Integrated Foodstamp processing
 Advanced SIL engine for supplier file processing
 Non-PLU barcode processing
 Price-embedded barcode processing
 Coupon processing
 Foodstamp tax adjustment in split transactions
 Buy-down amount management
 Buy-down amount reports
 Intergated WIC check processing
 Supermarket Sales Promotions


Extensive Hardware Support

Our POS software supports all major types of hardware interfaces that are commonly used in the industry today. Most peripherals can be accesed through one of the following four interface types:

 Direct Port Access (Serial as well as Parallel ports)
 OPOS Driver
 POS For.Net Driver
 Windows Driver

The availability of extensive hardware support guarantees that your existing investment of hardware will not be lost if you already possess some POS hardware.

Built-In calculation engine for Add-on Charges (Surcharges)

Many retail businesses today require the POS software to add surcharge automatically along with the invoice entries. For example, if a credit card surcharge of 3% is to be added on an invoice where the payment is made by the credit card, our software makes it very easy to do it.

A single mouse-click (or touch) operation will facilitate automatic calculation of all surcharge amounts.

Size-based Tax Calculation

This is an extra ordinary feature of AdvEntPOS. Many states in USA have imposed additional taxation in specific industries based on the item size. These taxes are levied in addition to the retail sales tax. For example, the Spirits Litre tax in Washington state is levied on spirit items.

The success of AdvEntPOS in these states lies in the fact that the software is designed ground-up to adapt the changes in statutary financial rules.

WYSIWYG Layout Designers (Screen layout, Receipt layout, & Customer Display layout)

This is another unbeatable feature of AdvEntPOS software. Our world-class software engineers have designed the product in a way that provides unlimited flexibility to the end users. If a cashier or a manager wants a different layout of register screen, they do not have to go through the tedious process of requesting the development team and the development team does not have to go through the painful cycle of change management and regression testing. The end users can re-design the screen layout or receipt layout themselves.

The beauty of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) designers is that even the non-technical persons can easily and effeciently change the design to their needs. Besides, no training is required to use these designers as the user interface is extremely intuitive.



     Ease of use
     Hardware support for all major brands/models
     Continuous improvement
     Extremely dedicated customer support team
     Dynamic, self-motivated technical team
     Above All -> We love and appreciate our customers


     Fully touch-screen based interface
     Fully customizable UI (through WYSIWYG designer)
     Customizable menus
     One-touch creation of short-cut buttons
     Item level and invoice level discounting
     Age verification for age-restricted products
     Advanced item group management
     Integrated Add-on charge processing
     Customizable payment types
     Customer charge accounts
     Customizable tax classes
     Quick and advanced search options
     Most powerful custom filters


     Quantity discounts
     Mix-n-Match discounts
     Price reduction, Percentage or amount-off type promotions
     Coupon-based discounts
     Buy-X, Get-Y type discounts
     Discounts based on minimum purchase quantity
     Variable price discounts
     Quantity based variable percentage discounts
     Limit on discount quantity per transaction
     Customer group based discounts


     Flexible Add-on charge configuration
     Price & Percentage based Add-on charges
     Before-tax & After-tax add-on charges


     Customer loyalty cards
     Flexible point system
     Customizable loyalty reward plan settings
     Powerful purchase-point redemption process
     Categorized pricing for customer types
     Charge account management
     Store credit management
     Advanced loyalty program designer
     Automatic marketing alerts through emailing
     Promotion emails
     Customer label printing and mail-merging


     Fully customized label designer (WYSIWYG engine)
     Flexible for printing any size of labels
     One-touch label printing for individual item
     One-touch label printing for item groups
     Built-in design for multi-pack labels
     Built-in design for quantity discount price labels
     Integrated barcode and sign printing


     Flexible activation
     Adjustment operation
     Lawn operation
     Drop operation
     Paid-out operation
     Built-in receipt printing for every operation


     Time Clock
     Transaction Log
     Employee Log
     Price and quantity change log
     Employee activity reports
     Cash drawer reconciliation


     Sales reports
     Item sales reports
     Inventory reports
     Ordering reports
     Item property reports
     Purchase invoice reports
     Customer reports
     Profitability reports
     Employee reports
     Cash Drawer operation reports
     Variance reports and adjustments
     Transfer in/out reports


     Built-in multi-location inventory management
     Stock tracking by location
     Stock tracking by storage facility
     Quick and easy item creation
     Advanced item types: Matrix, Kit, Serialized, etc.
     Item departments, categories, models and brands
     Employee inventory activity tracking
     Purchase history tracking by item
     Sales history tracking by item
     Hierarchical item settings (Parent/Child relation settings)
     Automatic stock adjustment by item chain
     Ripple-up and Ripple-down stock calculation
     Transfer stock between storage facilities
     Inventory movement tracking
     Reorder points
     Minimum order quantity calculations
     EOQ calculations


     Stock based (reorder level based) order creation
     Sales based order creation
     Template based order creation
     Order cloning from past orders
     Advanced order queuing technique
     Create order on mobile device from anywhere
     On-touch order queuing


     Built-in, preconfigured receipt layouts
     Supported by all major receipt printers
     Customizable settings
     Advanced WYSIWYG layout designer
     Policy setting for printing multiple copies of receipts
     Separate layout for credit card receipt, drawer activity receipt, etc.


     Database backup
     Remote register watch
     Database configuration
     Screen layout configuration
     Receipt layout configuration
     Built-in integration with E-Commerce site
     Interface with Quickbooks accounting software


     128-bit password encryption
     Role based security
     Customizable permission settings
     Login activity logs
     Access control for each individual report


     PCI compliant credit card processing
     Merchant independent processing through Verifone PC Charge payment server
     Integrated support for some gateways: X-Charge, World Pay, etc.