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 Elite Partnership Program

We offer very comprehensive program to our partners called Elite Partneship Program. The goal of this program is not limited to just sharing revenues, but it also extends to such important areas as sharing technical know-how, providing an in-depth training, and a joint effort to provide the highest possible services to clients.

Because we believe that client satisfaction holds higher value than monetory gains and that the former benefit automatically leads to the later, our partners are required to possess necessary infrastructure to provide services to clients.

 Referral Partnership Program

Partners who opt for this program are not required to pay any fees and can simply become a registered partner by filling out our partnership form.
A partner is required to inform us about a lead in advance so that our account manager can credit the sale from that lead in partner's account.
An agreed percentage of sale amount is directly deposited in partner's account once the deal with the client is closed.
The percentage of commission increases with increase in the number of sales.

 Reseller Partnership Program

Optionally, we can build special software versions for our partners. This modified version may include the features such as a different brand name, partner's logo and contacts. This allows our partners to sell the software more efficiently and increase their brand value. Also, if required, we may change the functionality of the software to tune it to a specific hotel management style or according to the norms of a specified country.

Reseller partners are required to pay a fix royalty amount per year for licensing the product brand. These partners deal with clients directly and negotiate their own prices.